МMM South Africa weekly news from Sergey Mavrodi 01.11.2015

Hello! Here's the news. Everything is traditionally going well, wonderful and great in South Africa. The participants and guiders are active. For our part we are doing our best as well. In general there's no particular news. The news is just to point out that all is as well as before. Well, you can see it personally, talk to each other, read the Letters of Happiness. In this way, there's nothing to add. As everything is in clear view. And to confirm how well everything is I will congratulate, as requested: Collen Tshegang who opened the MMM Community Centre in Krugersdorp. Excuse my pronunciation. As you can see it's the best evidence of how the process is going on: new centers are being opened, new guiders are appearing. What can be said? In general all is excellent. OK, then see you next time. Since as I said and repeat it again: when everything is well there is no special news. Then see you next time. All is fine and it will be even better.

As well, I believe that the Financial Apocalypse is inevitable! Together we change the world!

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