MMM Global. Weekly news from Sergey Mavrodi.

Hello! Here's the news. It will again be very short today, since there is no any special or nonspecial news. Namely everything is developing, as usual. The dynamics is extremely good. Therefore there is nothing to add. I have already said and let me repeat that there is a lot of news when we have problems, then it is time to speak about them, and when there are no problems - the issue is over. Thus all is wonderful, excellent and just great! Though, I call upon the participants and guiders once again, not to slow down and further promote the System, tell all your friends about it and then everything will be likewise fine. In other words: you are happy, the System is happy - all around are happy. That's the way it is. Ok, then let me stop here. 

As well, I believe that the Financial Apocalypse is inevitable! Together we change the world!

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